In addition to our President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer elective positions, leadership and activities are coordinated by our committees.  The committees are structured around our Strategic Sectors and functions. We organize our goals and activities around the following committees:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  2. Social Responsibility
  3. Creative Industries
  4. Science, Technology and Research and Education
  5. Communications and Media
  6. Membership and Strategic Partnerships
  7. Finance and Development

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee

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The United States and Mexico share its border,and therefore, a huge range of trade opportunities. This flow has grown dramatically since 1994, when NAFTA took effect. This committee's goal is not only bilateral trade but we view beyond oceans and borders, where business opportunities present themselves in the benefit of Mexican and Orange County economies.

The goals of this committee are:

  • Develop a mentorship program and methodology
  • Develop partnership with Entrepreneurship Programs at local universities
  • Support Mexican companies that want to do or increase business in the United States
  • Promote networking and knowledge sharing through Mix & Learn sessions and interviews with successful entrepreneurs and business owners (in partnership with AEM).

This committee's success metrics are: 5 projects per year, 4 Mix and Learn sessions per year.

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Social Responsibility

The goals of this committee are:

  • Select local partners that the Chapter can support
  • Develop events to assist select organization in fundraising initiatives
  • Communicate with members to promote participation in the activities of local partners

This committee's success metrics are: 1 self-sustaining project per year

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Creative Industries Committee


Mexicans carry in our heritage one of the oldest cultures, most diverse and powerful in the world. "The mixture of cathedral and pyramid", as Octavio Paz defined us, proudly come from the mud as a Mediterranean mosaic.

This committee has the responsibility to broaden the knowledge of the skills and experience of our members in Creative Industries, and to showcase the culture of Mexico to friends and strangers. The roots of this committee are in the promotion of the special participation Mexicans in concerts by the Pacific Symphony at the Performance Art Center of Orange County and involving prominent artists that performed Mexican music, such as one of the most celebrated authors of our country the internationally acclaimed Maestro Carlos Miguel Prieto.

The goals of this committee are:

  • Organize an annual conference to promote the network and sharing of knowledge for Mexican professionals and aspiring professionals in the areas of Creative Industries, Architecture, Music, Design, Photography and Cinematography.
  • Establish strategic and sponsorship relationships with major players in this industry, in Hollywood and in Silicon Valley.
  • Organize public activities related to the Sector and to our Cultural Heritage. 

This committee's success metrics are: 1 industry-specific conference per year,  1 public cultural activity per year, and 2 new sponsors or industry partners per year.

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Science, Technology and Research and Education Committee

Technology is one of the substantive areas of the Professional Network, Mexico's government program under which TECMA operates. We believe that Mexicans must look into the future, and our organization has the essential purpose of assisting in the creation of high-tech projects that originate in Orange County with their main destination in Mexico.

Mexico has devoted significant resources to education in science and this Committee must find ways to promote modern science and technology in Mexico and with partners in Orange County. The United States and Mexico have signed important agreements for the promotion and exchange of science and technology and it is more and more common to see Mexicans taking part in major research centers throughout the United States.

The goals of this committee are:

  • Create a comprehensive and accurate list of researchers, teachers and students involved in STEM-related fields in local companies and universities. 
  • Partner with private and public institutions interested in providing support - infrastructure, knowledge, economic or others - for STEM projects of our members.
  • Promote communication between the individuals on the list and the partners.
  • Develop initiatives to promote STEM activities with Members and the community (mentoring, networking, etc.)

This committee's success metrics are: 50 new members on the list per year, 2 new STEM partners per year, 1 new initiative per year.

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Communications and Media Committee

Promoting the image of Mexico is not just to tell of the positive things occurring in our country, but to translate the diversity of our nation and the values and cultural roots embedded in us from ancient times. The past serves to remind us of who we are and as the tool that will serve us, combined with creativity, talent and imagination, to build bridges with individuals and nations..

It is therefore strategically to promote an image of Mexico in line with reality. We cannot invent things that do not know or do not exist. Facing our reality and take advantage of this is what has made us stronger as a nation. TECMA should lead the dialogue among nationals and promote the wealth between two neighboring countries. The culture, economy, trade, science, technology and community cooperation are essential in the exchange that should lead to expand the universe of TECMA's relations with the world.

The goals of this committee are:

  • Promote ownership and a sense of belonging in our Members, and provide opportunities and means for them to communicate with one another.
  • Develop partnerships with media outlets. Promote the activities of TECMA through media communications.
  • Select and recognize the work of our members with TECMA and in their professional activities.
  • Manage TECMA-controlled communication channels such as our social media accounts and our website.

This committee's success metrics are: Permanently updated website, 1 membership reunion per year, 1 membership awards ceremony per year.

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Membership and Strategic Partnerships Committee

A spirit of customer service and a single, effective means of communicating with TECMA will enable efficient membership and partnership experiences.

The goals of this committee are:

  • Interact with prospective and current members and enable a conversation of value-added and coordination of activities.
  • Develop and interact with Strategic Partners -- government, businesses, non-profit groups and educational institutions - to support the objetives of the chapter and of the committee.
  • Implement an efficient process to ensure satisfied and continuos members and partners.

This committee's success metrics are: 200+ members each year, 1 satisfaction survey per year,  1 membership drive campaign per year, 2 new partnership MOUs per year.

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Finance and Development Committee

Effective fund management is at the core of our goal of self-sustainability. Experienced individuals guard our funds and maintain our compliance. 

The goals of this committee are:

  • Support the financial analysis of the activities of other committees.
  • Ensure accurate and timely collection of fees and event tickets.
  • Prepare and promote sponsorship programs with our partners and donors.
  • Collaborate with the Treasurer to prepare annual Statements of Information, financial statements, event financial performance reports, and annual tax returns.

This committee's success metrics are: TECMA is self-sustainable and maintains 12-months of cash at all times.

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