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The United States and Mexico economies have been closely tied together well before NAFTA and have since enjoyed almost two decades of successful collaboration. Recent initiatives by individuals, investment groups and Government agencies have created a favorable environment for U.S. and Mexico entrepreneurs to benefit by connecting with investors and agencies from both sides of the border to lever their resources and advance their businesses to the next step.

Chapman University and TECMA will bring a conference that will provide opportunities for individuals, members of business and professional organizations, private capital and government entities to foster alliances among operating companies and investor groups on both sides of the border.

CBE Conference
Champan University

October 20, 2012

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Who should attend

  • Established companies looking to gain competitive advantages or interested in penetrating new markets.
  • Entrepreneurial companies looking for investment capital and focused on gaining competitive advantages offered by near-sourcing opportunities.
  • Investment Funds interested in bringing to their portfolio companies additional capital and the advantages of near-sourcing opportunities.
  • Business Advisors and Consulting Firms seeking opportunities to establish relationships to bring near-shore partnering alliances to their clients.

Registration fees

Early Bird - $65.00 by September 15
All-Inclusive - $75.00
Breakfast, lunch and cocktail reception included
Parking offered on-site with validation

Background and Environment

NAFTA has successfully created a favorable cross-border economic and business environment for United States and Mexico entrepreneurs. The success of the bi-national relationship has led to increased efforts by individuals, investment groups and Government agencies to further enhance the favorable environment by developing funding mechanisms and assistance programs to facilitate cross-border relationships. These changes have created opportunities for investors and agencies from both sides of the border to benefit and advance their businesses.

Many of the private efforts have been patterned after and often with the support of private U.S. based incubators, Angel Funds and Mezzanine Investment Funds. At the same time NAFIN, the Mexican government equivalent of the SBA, has worked with the SBA to understand and provide both financial and technical support to small and medium size companies. While the focus is on Mexican companies, it has been envisioned that these funding and support mechanisms can be used to promote cross-border relationships through co-funding or otherwise partnering with small to medium size U.S. companies that would use this support to establish research, development and/or production facilities in Mexico.

The Conference

The Cross-Border Entrepreneurship Conference seeks to inform Orange County businesses and private capital on recent developments and opportunities, as well as foster alliances between companies and investors in both the US and Mexico. Topics to cover include:

  • A roadmap to establish business with Mexico.
  • Introduction to cross-border sources of capital.
  • Details of government agency support on both sides of the border.
  • Legal and accounting considerations.
  • Benefits and risks of doing business in Mexico.

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